My favorite 3 photo editing apps

I don’t know about you guys, but I wouldn’t survive without photo editing apps. Maybe I’m just a terrible photographer, but my unedited pictures usually look like something that wouldn’t even pass as experimental art. I’m glad there are so many nifty apps helping me making my pictures look more professional. Here are the three apps I use the most for editing my photos.

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Salmon Mango Poké Bowl

One of my favorite dishes I’ve encountered on my travels is the poké bowl. It’s a traditional Hawaiian dish usually consisting of rice, veggies and seasoned raw fish. You can get it pretty much anywhere if you happen to be in Hawaii (lucky you!). If not, go ahead and make your own. This recipe is packed with some of my favorite ingredients: salmon, mango and avocado. If you thought this triple threat makes great sushi rolls, wait until you taste this kickass bowl.

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Easter Bunny Carrot Cake Pancakes

With Easter around the corner I wanted to try something fun. I’ve seen these cute bunny pancakes all over Pinterest and wanted to make my own version. My goal was to make the pancakes as healthy as possible in order to add some vitamins and fibres to my current chocolate-heavy diet. Having the best chocolate in the world, most Swiss people – me included – spend Easter time living off chocolate. So this recipe goes out to everyone with a sweet tooth trying to live healthy nevertheless. The struggle is real.

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Banana Cranberry Cashew Breakfast Cookies

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Unfortunately I don’t always have the time to prepare a smoothie or muesli and sit down to eat. These breakfast cookies are perfect for the busy days.  They’re packed with healthy ingredients, vegan and sooo delicious. The cookies will only take about 20 minutes to make. You can even make them ahead of time and eat them throughout the week. After all, you’ll need the vitamins and fibres to be the awesome person you are and kick ass. And cookies for breakfast? Definitely for winners! Continue reading

Açai Smoothie Bowl

The açai bowl is not only the favorite breakfast treat of fitness gurus and hipsters, it’s also extremely yummie and healthy. The açai berry (pronounced a-sah-ee) is one of the best known sources of antioxidants which fight the free radicals within the body. In combination with oats, fruit and seeds it’s the perfect start in your day providing you with a good load of protein, fiber, Omega-3 essential fatty acids, magnesium and other important nutrients to keep you fit and full.

The traditional açai bowl is made with frozen fruit or ice which can be a bit hardcore in the morning (especially for those with sensitive teeth). That’s why I’ve come up with an unfrozen variation (aka smoothie bowl).

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My Top 3 Meditation Apps

Part of my self improvement plan is to meditate daily. I usually wake up with my head full of thoughts, worries and ideas which can be overwhelming sometimes and make it hard to focus. I’ve established a daily morning meditation routine that helps me clear my mind for a few minutes and calm down before I leave the apartment to tackle the day.

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