My favorite 3 photo editing apps

I don’t know about you guys, but I wouldn’t survive without photo editing apps. Maybe I’m just a terrible photographer, but my unedited pictures usually look like something that wouldn’t even pass as experimental art. I’m glad there are so many nifty apps helping me making my pictures look more professional. Here are the three apps I use the most for editing my photos.



This is my absolute favorite app for editing photos. With Snapseed you can enhance photos and apply digital filters. I usually use it to sharpen my pictures and play around with brightness, contrast and ambiance. I prefer this app to instagram editing because the usability is much better. You can edit your picture by swiping over it and can always go back in the editing history, if you don’t like the changes you’ve made. You can also create and save your own filters.

Get it here: Android iOs

LINE Camera

This app is great, if you want to pimp your photos even more. You can add cute stickers, frames and even animations (yay!) to your photos and videos. You can also choose several filters and effects and make your own stamps (cut out an object from a photo and use it as a sticker).

Get it here: Android / iOs


With this app you can put text on your photos. They have tons of cool fonts that look great on simple backgrounds or on digital postcards (which you can send for free with Swiss Post).

Get it here: Android iOs

What apps do you use for editing photos? I’m grateful for any recommendations!

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