Last weekend I passed this small take away and was instantly attracted to it. Mostly because of the kawaii chicken figure and the pink walls (so cute!). Also, I really like Japanese curry. Enough reasons to go check it out on my lunch break.


PUTPUTakeaway opened last November as a pop-up restaurant/store. They serve Japanese curry (with chicken or vegetarian), onigiris and buns. They also sell their own merchandise featuring the cute little PUTPUT chicken. They don’t have any tables in the shop, but there are some benches where you can sit to eat.

The Food

I had the chicken curry menu that came with a side dish of my choice: broccoli salad, wakame salad or miso soup. I went for the wakame salad that was seasoned with a sesame-soy sauce-dressing. The chicken curry had potatoes and carrots in it and was served with rice. Both the curry and salad tasted fresh and were super delicious.


Even though I was pretty full, I didn’t want to leave without dessert. I tried the azuki bun which (technically isn’t a dessert, I know) was perfectly fluffy and a piece of heaven. Oh man, I love everything with azuki beans in it. How on earth did the kidney bean make it to Europe, but the azuki is still widely unknown? I hope places like PUTPUTakeaway help make the Japanese red bean more popular here and give it the food stardom it deserves.


My Conclusion

I left this place happy and full. The food is made with fresh ingredients and tasted sensational. The portions were quite large and at a very affordable price. A menu costs between CHF 12.50 and CHF 16.50, side dishes, onigiris and buns between CHF 5.00 and CHF 6.00 which is inexpensive for Zurich. I will definitely go back there again!

More Info

Stauffacherstrasse 101
8004 Zurich


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