My Top 3 Meditation Apps

Part of my self improvement plan is to meditate daily. I usually wake up with my head full of thoughts, worries and ideas which can be overwhelming sometimes and make it hard to focus. I’ve established a daily morning meditation routine that helps me clear my mind for a few minutes and calm down before I leave the apartment to tackle the day.


These are my favorite three apps that help me unwind:

1. Headspace

If you’re new to meditation this is the perfect app to get you started. The free version has a 10 day introductory series with a 10 minute meditation for each day (“Take 10”). The meditations are easy to follow and pretty straight forward. There’s no weird guru vibe to it. The meditations focus on breathing techniques and visualisations. There are pretty cool animated videos that help illustrate how meditation works and what it does to your mind. There’s a paid version with more meditations and different packs to choose from: Health, Performance, Relationships, etc. At $12.95/month the app is rather pricey.

The app is available for Android and iOs.

2. Calm

The app has an introductory series called “7 Days of Calm” that covers the basics of meditation. The free version also has timed and many guided meditations. There’s a paid version that offers even more meditations and programs such as “21 Days of Calm”, “7 Days of Managing Stress”, “7 Days of Sleep”, etc. What I really like about this app are the different sounds you can choose for your meditation (waves, lake, rain, fire, etc.) that help you focus especially when you’re in a noisy environment. The guided meditations focus on breathing and body scanning and are perfect when you find it hard to meditate silently.

The app is available for Android and iOs.

3. Fabulous

This is not a meditation app per se. It’s an assistant that helps you build healthy rituals and break bad habits. You can set goals in form of daily rituals that include meditation or other things such as eating more veggies, exercising or personal mantras such as “I feel great today”. The app also has the feature “Make Me Fabulous” that helps you get energized with 5 – 10 minute clips that guide you through your next power nap, stretching session or work out. There are a few guided meditations which are perfect to start the day. The app has a science-based approach and was created in Duke’s Behavioral Economics Lab. The app is a masterpiece design and usability wise. That’s why it is one of my favorite apps and I use it daily.

The app is available for Android only. Go check it out!

What are your tipps for a good meditation? What are your favorite meditation apps?

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